2011 September | Impec Group
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Rebranding to Impec Group

By Raffy Espiritu, CEO and President, Impec Group

It’s a new thing for Impec and me to have a blog where we can engage facility professionals on issues and concerns that relate to the built environment. We welcome comments from clients, visitors and anyone interested in sharing their own views on any topic at hand. Since this is my first blog, let me start by sharing how we got to this point of rebranding the company to Impec Group.

Managing growth can be a daunting task. Since the start of the year, my business partner, Christine Chen and I have been mulling over the thought of breaking through the glass ceiling that we have been experiencing for the past several years. While we saw consistent, respectable growth year after year, we were not satisfied with only incremental growth. So we ventured out, seeking guidance from people whom we regard very highly in the industry and asked them a lot of questions about how best to improve our opportunities to penetrate the market so we can yield even better outcomes in the years to come.

Sharing our experiences with these seasoned professionals from the industry over breakfasts, we gathered enormous insights that guided us in forming a strategy to re-brand Clean Innovation and Advance Facilities Solutions and re-position these companies for future growth.

It’s been an amazing train ride, full of surprises and discoveries as the process unearthed lessons learned, re-shaping ideas about ourselves, the competition, the market, the industry in general and Silicon Valley in particular. What resulted was a radical change in perspective in our business model. At the beginning, we were looking at how to integrate the current competencies in order to make a clearer image as to who we are as a company. In the end, we came up with a more holistic picture of how best our company can serve the needs of those who manage facilities.

With this newfound insight, we developed a new vision and mission that helped us reinvigorate our company culture. We love to express our aspiration in terms of attracting the finest people in the industry to join us in this wonderful journey to create fascinating solutions in this ever-changing world of facilities. At the root was our passion to be customer centric, quality driven and innovative in creating solutions for every client.

I hope you can have a taste of the ride when you visit our new website.