2012 September | Impec Group
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Energy Management: An Introduction

by Guest Contributor Alan Pong (Comfort International)


I’m delighted to contribute to Impec’s blog with a series of articles on a subject near and dear to my heart — energy management. In a world increasingly concerned about sustainability and the conservation of energy both for economic and environmental reasons, energy management commands the corporate spotlight as never before. More and more businesses strive to reduce their carbon footprint, slow down their production of greenhouse gases, lower their energy bills, and correct longstanding comfort and mechanical issues plaguing their buildings. There’s also the desire to achieve LEED or Energy Star certification and market themselves as “green” to an increasingly eco-conscious public.

But there’s no magic bullet for achieving this energy efficiency. For one thing, no two buildings are identical in their materials, design, age, practical applications or maintenance history. There’s none of the standardization you could count on from say, two cars of the same make and model. Each facility must be thoroughly audited on a case-by-case basis. There’s also no one solution or device that can solve all a building’s energy management issues. That’s why Comfort international takes a holistic approach, coming at the problem with multiple solutions to solve multiple problems. We employ specialists in multiple disciplines to perform LEED and EEMS (Efficient Energy Management System) studies to help business win LEED and/or Energy Star certifications while they experience direct benefits from a more comfortable, energy-efficient facility.