2012 October | Impec Group
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4 reasons to Hire an Energy Management Expert

by Guest Contributor Alan Pong (Comfort International)

energy management expert

Any company seeking a cost-effective (or just plain effective) solution to their energy management problems must look outside the company for a third party with the appropriate experience and expertise. By doing so, you get:

1. Licensed Professional engineer - Any energy management evaluation, planning and implementation really needs to be performed by a licensed professional engineer who specializes in such things. “Guesstimating” will only cause additional problems and cost you a lot of money in the long run. You should insist on a company who can show you that the calculations are performed by state licensed Professional Engineer and will guaranteed the work and the results.

2.  Investment Grade = Most savings/least cost - A non-expert may end up throwing all kinds of possible fixes in the air to see if one or two of them stick. Throwing solutions around means throwing money at the problem — your money. A company with energy management expertise will perform a detailed “investment grade energy audit “ evaluating every inch of your building’s energy systems using real data rather than low level computer models or retro commission in order to find out which problems are costing you the most money — and which changes offer the most energy savings for the buck.

3. Contractually guaranteed performance - If lower-level “facilities people” are tasked with looking into your building’s energy issues, you may never know exactly who is doing what, or how to quantify the results. Even when you hire a consultant the approaches are filled with assumptions with no assurances of achieving any savings.  A company that has true energy management expertise signs a contract to evaluate those issues and is willing to turnkey the results with a written performance guarantee of the savings measured at the utility meter.

4. Holistic approach - An energy management problem may have multiple underlying causes and influences. Here at Comfort International we always take a holistic approach to an energy management challenge. Just as a holistic healer works on several physical systems to improve the overall health of the body, a company with holistic energy management expertise addresses every factor that contributes to your building’s overall energy performance.