2012 November | Impec Group
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Training and Credentialing of Facility Professionals

facility management professionalsIn a previous article we mentioned the necessity of maintaining highly trained personnel and managers for clean rooms and other specialized environments. But the truth is that every facet of a built environment requires trained professionals with demonstrated know-how in their particular area. TA company that engages a fly-by-night “facilities person” will get someone lacking the high-level competence required for the serious tasks and responsibilities he will face. That level of competence takes training — and the proof of that competence takes the form of credentialing.

Let’s look at facilities engineering, for example. This field covers a huge range of disciplines and titles, from plant management and maintenance to electrical engineering and OSHA safety regulations. The big name in training and credentialing for this field is the Association for Facilities Engineering or AFE. The AFE offers world-renowned certifications and programs, including CPMM (Certified Plant Maintenance Manager), CPE (Certified Plant Engineer), CPS (Certified Plant Supervisor), and GOHP (Government Operator of High Performance Buildings) alongside numerous ongoing education and professional development courses.

And then there’s energy engineering and management, an increasingly hot topic as an increasing number of businesses seek sustainability. The Association of Energy Engineers offers more than two dozen different certifications in specific disciplines and programs, from BEP (Certified Business Energy Professional) to REP (Renewable Energy Professional). On a broader scale, the IFMA offers Certified Facility Managers and Certified Facility Professional programs. These certifications are your assurance that you have the right person for the job.

Proper training makes all the difference between your facility running properly and becoming a trouble-ridden money pit. And if your company has certain mission-critical operations that require 100 percent uptime, you must either invest thousands of hours into providing that training — or you can rely on our large pool of trained, certified professionals.