2013 February | Impec Group
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The Role of Facility Engineering in the Built Environment

facility engineering for built environment

An effective built environment is one that can be maintained, updated or expanded as necessary to cope with component deterioration, changing technologies and ever-evolving industry demands. But how do you keep up with all these variables — and for that matter, how do you design your built environment systems for the greatest possible efficiency right from the start? These tasks are the responsibility of a highly specialized individual: the facility engineer.

First, the facility engineer plays a critical role in the formation of your built environment by masterminding the layout of the facility’s critical process (manufacturing, shipping, offices, etc.). He also designs the building’s utility (water, power sources, wiring, data networks and climate control systems) layout based on anticipated future usage. The facility engineer is also responsible for devising maintenance and update schedules to address the ongoing needs of each system in the built environment. If your facility must perform specialized operations such as clean room work or chemical processing, you need a facility engineer with the proper training in those fields to design and maintain the proper environment — or even several engineers, each responsible for a specific system. Without these skilled professionals, your facility simply can’t operate efficiently.

As you can imagine, however, a poorly chosen facility engineer or engineering team can do as much harm as the right choice can produce positive results. Because of the complexity of the decisions to be made and the countless maintenance, updates, troubleshooting and repair tasks to be performed, your facility may require engineers with certification, licensing and years of experience in specific disciplines. That’s where IMPEC makes the important job of selecting the right professional for the job much easier. We have the skilled experts your facility needs – so contact us and let’s help you engineer a successful future for your built environment!