2013 March | Impec Group
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Why You Don’t Want Your PhD to Clean Your Facility: Biotech Facilities Maintenance Challenges

cleaning and maintenance for biotech facilities - Impec Group

A key aspect of biotech facilities management is assigning the right maintenance professionals to keep that facility spic and span. Controlling the environment in a biotech firm requires accuracy, attention to detail, and compliance with astonishingly tight standards, which in turn call for dedication, intelligence, industry knowledge and training. So surely that loyal employee with a biotechnology PhD is the right person to keep your facility clean, right? Wrong.

Biotech facilities management and maintenance call for more than just smart people working in their chosen field; they include their own distinct skills and requirements. Specialized training and tooling are necessary just to conform to the demanding standards and protocols of biotech and pharmaceutical work — violation of the smallest of which could result in unusable work and disastrous losses of time, materials and money for your company. No matter how biotech-savvy your resident PhD may be, he most likely isn’t cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Processes) certified, a must for any biotech facilities maintenance professional.

That’s where an experienced biotech facilities management company like IMPEC enters the picture. We can assign managers and personnel who are certified not only in cGMP but also in GDP (Good Documentation Practices) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practices). We make sure that the people maintaining your biotech facility know how to manage microorganisms, prevent or remediate contamination, and adhere to all the proper procedures and requirements. We make sure they have the correct clothing, equipment, tools and supplies to work in the most sensitive environments and clean rooms. And we make sure that you’re always staffed with these people when you need them, eliminating the HR headaches of hiring, re-hiring and attrition.

Best of all, it leaves your PhD free to do the work you originally hired him for — which probably doesn’t include cleaning up!