2013 May | Impec Group
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How Facilities Managers Can Take Advantage of BIM

building performance benchmarking - apples to oranges
Making use of building information modeling (BIM) is like viewing your facility through a pair of “X-Ray Specs” — you can really see every detail of your facility, how it works and how its operations affect your bottom line. Here are a few of the ways your facilities management team can put BIM to its best advantage:

You can plug it into your existing systems. Modern automation software allows your BIM program to communicate with your building automation system for optimal operational efficiency. And the connection to the maintenance program can create a comprehensive knowledge base or even make an automated maintenance system out a non-automated one.

You can optimize current and future space management. There’s nothing like a three-dimensional model to show you exactly how your facility is using (or failing to use) its available space. BIM lays it all out for you so can see the solutions more quickly and easily — and play with solutions in digital form. If you need to expand or drastically reconfigure your facility, BIM lets you look at various plan scenarios and find workarounds for potential space or resource conflicts, making it an essential change management tool.

You can use it to help you “go green.” Does your facility need to achieve sustainability certification or re-certification? If so, you can use BIM to keep track of where you are in your progress. Treat your BIM as the information hub for all the data on your various sustainability activities, and lit can serve as a comprehensive reference guide for which aspects of your certification progress are going great and which need more work.

BIM opens up a whole new world of benefits for your facility — so contact IMPEC if you’d like us to bring that new world to your doorstep!