2013 August | Impec Group
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Smart Devices for Smarter Building Maintenance

Smart Device for Building Maintenance - Facility Management The “smart phone” and kindred devices have changed the way we live our lives and conduct our business in just a few short years. Today there are mobile apps for just about any purpose under the sun. So if app-driven smart devices can make it incredibly easy to find the nearest pizza parlor or remind patients of their upcoming appointments, can they also boost the convenience and efficiency of your building maintenance staff and practices? An increasing number of facilities are reaching that conclusion.

Many a building maintenance company and department has adopted smart devices and apps for its personnel’s use. For example, the Los Angeles Unified School District has a smartphone app that makes it easy to report breakages or equipment failures anywhere on campus. Each report displays the exact location and nature of the problem on a digital map by tying into the the campus’s GIS (geographic information system). Another educational example comes from the University of Louisville, where everyone from building maintenance personnel to students or visiting parents can report emergencies or crimes, access map information, and gain instant access to critical website data. Some apps, such as this one from GoCanvas, are available for multiple device types, including iPhones/iPads, Blackberries and Android smart phones. By upgrading your workers’ cell phones to smart devices loaded with such apps, your team can relay and respond to maintenance data with lighting speed.

Here at IMPEC Group we believe that a future-proof building maintenance strategy must take technological advances into account. Who knows — your building maintenance manager may even decide to commission proprietary apps for your own company’s specific needs. We’ll be happy to consult with you on ways to create a “smarter” maintenance system for your facility.