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Beyond Energy Savings: The Many Benefits of Energy Efficiency Measures

It can be hard for facility managers to get enthusiastic about fixing something that isn’t actually broken. Even though you know a new energy efficiency plan could save your business significant money over a period of several years, you’re still put off by the financial and logistical hurdles. But these changes won’t just reduce your San Francisco, San Joe or Bay Area company’s utility bills — it can also enhance your bottom line in other ways you may not have considered:

1. It can help prevent major problems from old equipment. If your facility has been struggling with aging equipment for many years now, you’ll have to replace those old components anyway, and proper sooner rather than later. Wouldn’t this be the perfect timing for a switch to new, more efficient systems? By introducing your energy efficiency tactics into your existing maintenance and renovation schedules, you can kill two birds with one stone — enjoying lower energy bills while also avoiding expensive, productivity-killing major breakdowns.

2. It future-proofs you against rising costs. We all know that energy costs aren’t likely to drop; on the contrary, service charges are likely to force a continual rise over the next couple of decades. The sooner you implement an energy efficiency plan for your business, the less of that upward curve you’ll have to swallow in the years to come.

3. It makes your facility more valuable. Buyers and renters of commercial properties are placing ever-higher priority on the energy efficiency of the buildings. To remain competitive, facility owners and managers need to show that their properties can compete with others in this department.

All this plus lower energy bills makes adopting an energy efficiency plan a sensible step in any facility’s long-term vision. The future starts now — so start planning!