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When Fujitsu Management Services of America (FMSA) needed a company to take over all the facility management duties for its Sunnyvale campus, the corporation didn’t have to look far. Impec Group (then known as Clean Innovation) had already done such a professional job with maintenance and cleaning over nine years, Marty Engh, Director of Facility Services for FMSA, knew he could entrust all of his built environment needs to Impec.


Since August of 2000, Impec has provided consistently superior customer service for Fujitsu, growing with their built environment needs to now provide them with an integrated package of services that includes everything from HVAC work to office cleaning to specialty services for data center maintenance.


The relationship between FMSA and Impec has continued uninterrupted from more than eleven years. It began when Engh first moved into management at Fujitsu in the 1990s. At the time, they were having trouble with a very large national company that provided cleaning services. Engh decided to pull together a group pitch with several local Bay Area companies presenting their maintenance solutions together.


Impec was the only firm that felt comfortable giving a presentation in front of the competition. To Engh, this demonstrated Impec’s integrity from the very beginning. Integrity that he continues to value more than a decade later.


Impec walks the walk,” said Engh. “They don’t oversell and don’t overpromise. Whatever they say they are going to do, they do.”


Fujitsu America’s Sunnyvale campus is about half of a million square feet spread over seven buildings on 35 acres. The mixed-use facility serves many different functions, housing office space, research and development laboratories and an important data center. In April 2010, Engh and FMSA knew they needed a new facility management service provider. Engh was aware that Impec was capable of providing many more services than they had already been handling and worked with the management team at Impec to secure a contract before turning to another company.


So confident was FMSA in the capabilities of Impec, Fujitsu brought Impec onboard to service the offices of Fujitsu Ten in Torrance, California in addition to increased services at the Sunnyvale facility.


FMSA and Impec were able to work together structuring a facility management agreement in such a way because of the longstanding trust that had been developed between the two companies.


“The most important service Impec provides, from my perspective, is that after eleven years, they treat the FMSA account like it’s the first month they’ve had it,” said Engh. “I can’t speak to how much value that is above and beyond the cost savings and services they provide.”

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