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N. California Semiconductor Company

Staffing Up for Growth Planning and Re-stacking


  • The headquarters of a large semiconductor company was in early stages of planning for significant growth in multiple locations. The main campus had been developed many years earlier when space standards were very generous, and furniture systems were traditional and conservative. Management realized it was time for a campus refresh and re-stacking that would allow for greater occupancy density on the site.

  • Like most similar sized companies, the facilities organization was not large enough to accomplish such a major planning effort. Since this was a special project, rather than an ongoing effort, adding FTE headcount was not authorized.

  • Due to critical shortage of qualified facilities personnel, and tendencies of traditional staffing firms or outsourcing companies to pay below market wages, prior attempts at staff augmentation had had mixed successes.



  • Our client selected Impec Group because of our 25 years of experience in facilities staff augmentation.

  • Impec’s proposed plan was to provide a team onsite to accomplish the tasks. The first position filled was a Planning Manager. The team was then strategically completed with the addition of two Occupancy Planners and two move Move Coordinators.

  • The Planners and Move Coordinators were each assigned to specific business units.

  • For move planning and coordination, Impec used the Space Module in client’s CAFM system - CenterStone, adding in the client’s HR to both current and proposed seating plans.  Multi-phased moves, some based on production cycles or 24/7 operations were effectively and efficiently coordinated and accurate as-built plans with seating was maintained in CenterStone Space.


  • Selecting a firm highly experienced in facilities staffing results in flexibility and scalability with highly qualified personnel.

  • All of Impec staff are employees who are provided with above market wages and a comprehensive benefits package, resulting in minimum turnover.

  • Client was able to leverage the relationship with Impec to meet additional staff needs in two other locations – Oregon and Ohio.

  • Billing rates are negotiated on an annual basis.

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