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Multifaceted CenterStone Implementation


The headquarters of a medium sized biotech company wished to consolidate its five-building campus into one newly renovated 2-story building.  The campus included specialized clean-rooms, labs, ISO-certified product lines, and all associated personnel.  Impec Group was asked to coordinate and manage the various complex move phase and, upon final move-in, assist in creating and tracking maintenance programs for ISO re-certification.



For the move planning and coordination phase, Impec quickly implemented CenterStone’sSpace module, adding in the client’s HR to both current and proposed seating plans.  Tracked alongside that were the point-of-contact managers for each of the many labs and production areas.  Multi-phased moves, some based on production cycles or 24/7 operations were effectively and efficiently coordinated and accurate as-built plans with seating was maintained in CenterStone Space.  Near the end of the moves, Impec implemented CenterStone’s Ops module, creating both a reactive work order system (available to every employee) and a maintenance program system which would tie maintenance data to either specialized rooms/facilities or critical assets.


The final move and old campus decommissioning occurred on schedule. Six months after taking full occupancy of their new headquarters, the Client passed their ISO certification without any issue or red flags with the tracked data and work orders in CenterStone Ops.

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