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Productivity Optimization: Smart Workplace Planning for Facility Managers

Smart Workplace PlanningSmart workplace planning is far more than simply squeezing the most income-generating activity into the least amount of square footage, as the grizzled veterans of countless “cubicle farms” will attest. It’s also about creating spaces that inspire creativity, collaboration and a positive work environment. Check out these workplace planning trends that can help you turn your San Jose, San Francisco or Bay Area facility into a productivity powerhouse:

The nimble office – Today’s office space must be able to flex, adapt and reconfigure itself to suit the ever-changing workflow patterns of its staff. When you’re able to shift chairs and tables into various nooks where small meetings can spontaneously happen, you’re facilitating constant, ongoing productivity instead of forcing employees to wait for an available conference room. You can help these moveable groups plug into the electronics they need by running cables and hubs under raised floors instead of building them permanently into the walls. This flexibility will also help you accommodate virtual commuters on the days they need to work in the office.

The creative zone – Today’s workspace places an emphasis on fostering positive energy and higher morale. Simply opening the work area up for easer communication is a great start in this direction. Natural light has been shown to contribute to brighter moods and happier interactions. Extensive use of glass fronts increases the sense of “one big happy family” by preventing the feeling of management and staff being closed off from each other.

Greater comfort for greater productivity – The productive workspace is one in which workers can work without needless physical strain. Invest in ergonomic chairs, desks and other furniture that can be easily adjusted for a wide range of body types. This ensures that every employee can work from any station in the facility with equal ease.