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Top 3 Action Tips on Building Maintenance for Proper Energy Efficient Building Operation

Building Maintenance Tips For Efficient Building Operation Preventative maintenance of energy systems is something that is important to prolong the life and increase the reliability of equipment.  A preventative maintenance plan should attempt to not only focus on extending the life of equipment, but also to reduce energy waste.  While preventative maintenance is important, effective equipment operation also helps to ensure that equipment will last as long as possible.  Too often, preventative maintenance programs focus too much on the maintenance and not enough on the actual operation of equipment.

Use the following tips to help with preventative operation and maintenance within your facility.

  1. Periodic reviews – As part of your preventative maintenance procedures, periodically review HVAC schedules as well as lighting schedules, temperature readings and occupant schedules to ensure that equipment is running only when necessary.
  2. Seasonal reviews – A plan for cooling season is not necessary optimal for heating season.  Ensure that you are making the necessary adjustments during the year to account for the change in temperature.
  3. Create procedures and documentation – Having a preventative maintenance plan is great, but if you do not have metrics to analyze, there is no way to see if the changes that you have made are benefiting or hindering business operations.  Develop procedures and forms which help to track performance based on agreed upon metrics.  Often, these procedures can be coupled with other preventative maintenance duties and will not take more than a few minutes at a time.

By utilizing these tips, you can help to improve building maintenance and create a more energy efficient building operation at the same time.  As energy costs continue to rise, it is imperative that companies begin to look at ways to increase their energy efficiency to increase profits as well as to benefit the environment.