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Cleaning Your Clean Room: Data Center and Clean Room Maintenance Challenges

Data Center and Clean Room Maintenance - Impec Group

Did you know that a half-micron speck of dust can turn your clean room into a “dirty room?” In such a precisely-controlled atmosphere, normal maintenance methods simply won’t suffice. So you do you clean a clean room?

Clean rooms require varying levels of maintenance in accord with one of the nine different ISO and/or STD 209E standards for the number of different-sized particles per cubic foot. The STD 209E classification for room air conforms to ISO 9, allowing over 35 million particles of .5 micron or larger, while its Class 1 classification (ISO 3) allows only 35 particles of that size per cubic foot.

These stringent requirements don’t apply only to manufacturing floors, either. If you rely on your facility’s data center to provide 24-hour service, with no unanticipated glitches or downtime, then you may have to keep a tight hold on environmental control for this space as well. Air-cooled electronic equipment can easily collect amazing amounts of dust, skin cells and other airborne particulate matter in a very short period of time — and as this debris accumulates, preventing the free flow of air and the dissipation of heat within the device, a critical malfunction becomes more and more likely.

What kind of maintenance do clean environments require? Your personnel must have (and properly use) the right apparel and equipment, including protective shoes, coveralls, gowns, gloves and hairnets, so they will not contaminate the space. They must use only those cleaning agents and tools that are known to remove debris to a degree that meets ISO/STD 209E standards. And they must have the training, experience and reliability needed to perform their tasks correctly and on schedule. Here at IMPEC Group we specialize in providing maintenance personnel for these tricky conditions — so contact us if your clean room isn’t clean enough.