Cleanroom | Impec Group - Part 2
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Facility Management Outsourcing: Overlapping Industries, Specific Challenges

We see all kinds of challenges in the facility management world. Actually, most industries have a fairly similar set of facility management needs. Leasing, tenant improvements, new construction, workspace reorganization, energy management, quality control — these are issues common to just about any organization, regardless of industry specialization. That’s why we provide facility, project, building and office management for all kinds of businesses throughout the Bay Area.

Sometimes, however, specific industries have special needs that not every maintenance provider can offer. The most glaring examples are the life science, biopharma and high tech/cleantech industries, which much maintain their cleanrooms to exacting ISO, cGMP, ESD and other industry-specific standards. IMPEC fills this niche where many others can’t by offering highly skilled and trained personnel who understand the challenges of this type of facility management. Other companies may have special needs promoted by their location, such as buildings vulnerable to graffiti or defacement. We address each of our client’s facility management needs as personally as possible.

Outsourcing in general has become enormously popular in recent years — everything from maintenance services to executive recruitment can now be handed over to a company specializing in the desired talent. Taking care of all these services through a single outsource provider simplifies your business processes to an extraordinary degree. The sheer convenience of running them through a single point of contact automatically boosts your efficiency and enables you to put your own staff to more productive use. That’s not even counting the payroll savings you realize by letting us hire, train and manage the maintenance personnel for you. And we will always keep refining and improving how we work, bringing you new technological and procedural breakthroughs as we go. Whatever your general or specific facility management needs, outsourcing can fulfill them for you more affordably and efficiently.