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Building Automation Systems (BAS) for Facility Managers: A Smarter Future

Facilities are getting smarter and smarter thanks to building automation systems, or BAS. As the latest generation of microprocessor technology and cloud computing enable ever-finer control over a facility’s day-to-day operations and energy consumption, facility managers should see BAS as a golden opportunity to reduce costs by balancing energy loads among multiple applications, from climate control to lighting. Let’s look at some of the fancy things a modern BAS can do for your business:

  • Demand-based energy usage.A truly integrated BAS talks to itself constantly, receiving usage data from various facility systems such as lighting, ventilation, heating, cooling, IT and so forth. This data can actually help the system “decide” when to adjust energy expenditures upward or downward based on apparent demand trends. For example, if nobody’s using the computer system on one part of the building, maybe the system should shut off the lights in that area or adjust the temperature there to save money.
  • Load shedding. Another brilliant solution for saving on energy consumption, load shedding involves shifting more of the work toward off-peak hours, such as dimming the lights or switching off nonessential components during the hottest (and therefore hardest to cool) times of the day. You can program your BAS to perform all kinds of smart functions to optimize your dollar per kilowatt hour.
  • Remote equipment monitoring.Monitoring devices connected to the BAS can make any fluctuations or potential equipment failures immediately apparent to facility managers. Today’s Facility Manager states that many of these problems can be corrected remotely and/or within 30 minutes of the alert.

If you want to raise your Bay Area facility’s I.Q. by equipping it with a building automation system, our energy management experts will be happy to consult with you on the issue. Here’s to a smart, efficient 2014!