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How Selecting the Wrong Facilities Manager Hurts Your Company


Facilities management is one of those jobs that is rewarded by anonymity. In other words, when everything goes perfectly, nobody ever notices it or thinks about it. When things go wrong, on the other hand, the failure tends to call dramatic, ugly attention to itself. Not only does weak facilities management damage your company’s image, but it can cost you a pretty penny as well.

Perhaps the most glaring effect that poor facilities management has on your bottom line is a loss of productivity. This may manifest itself as systems downtime (mechanical, electrical or planning failures) or employee downtime (injuries, absences, attrition, or mistakes caused by poor training or sloppy supervision). The resulting under performance can escalate into a nightmare if it imperils your relationship with clients, vendors and business partners. A slow production line, for instance, may mean missed milestones or delivery deadlines, which in turn could get you slapped with a financial penalty or even a breach of contract suit. In the worst case, you could lose a highly valued (and lucrative) business relationship forever.

And the penalties may not come solely from other businesses. A facilities manager who neglects to stay up to speed on the latest municipal, state or federal regulatory requirements for your industry could drop your company into very deep legal soup, including loss of licenses, severe fines, and other penalties that could stop your business in its tracks.

What’s the solution? Invest in a reputable company that specializes in facilities management. Here at Impec, we make sure our managers are trained in your company’s processes, hiring policies and employee retention methods, while also following all the latest regulatory requirements. By handing this job over to the specialists, you can ensure that always have the right facilities manager.