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Data Center Energy Management Best Practices (part 2) – Electrical

Data Center Energy Management - ElectricalPower loss is a fear of any data center management team.  However, with the proper electrical infrastructure, you can ensure that your data center energy management will prevent you from significant downtime during a power failure.

  • Utilize UPS systems to maximize efficiency – UPS systems have long been used as a backup power source for data center energy management.  It is important to layout your UPS system in a way that is efficient and is not overly taxing on your equipment and hardware.  It is thought that it is better to utilize multiple smaller UPS systems than to rely on one large UPS system.  This also offers additional redundancy for your data center.
  • Attempt to generate energy from waste heat – Many data centers generate a large amount of waste heat.  If done correctly, this waste heat can be converted into energy used for both the heating and cooling of a data center.  In a large scale self-generation system, UPS systems can actually be eliminated.  While this may not be feasible for companies of all sizes, it is the ultimate goal for proper data center energy management.
  • Test for the worst scenario – A robust Silicon Valley data center energy management plan is useless if it is not practiced when a catastrophe is not occurring.  While it can be time consuming and sometimes difficult to stage an electrical catastrophe it is important to ensure that all components are working correctly.  It is best to attempt to test your electrical equipment during non-peak data center hours and isolate the test to equipment that is not vital.  For instance, you could test to ensure that UPS systems were functioning correctly by testing with older machines that you were attempting to migrate out of your Silicon Valley data center.

Ensuring that your data center is equipped to handle any type of power outage is incredibly important.  Partnering with a company such as Impec can insure that you are always prepared, no matter the length or severity of the disaster concerning your Bay Area data center.