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Facility Planning and Management: Start Before It Heats Up!

facility planning and management, preparation for summer - Impec Group

You probably know what to expect thus summer for your business’s San Jose, Silicon Valley or Bay Area facility — heat, and plenty of it. And you’re probably expecting more than the mercury in the thermometer to rise, too. Higher temperatures mean higher energy bills, especially for those facilities that haven’t been adapted or upgraded to optimize their energy efficiency. Here are some improvements suggested improvements from your friendly Bay Area facilities planning and management company:

Ceramic exteriorsCeramic cladding can serve as a durable, beautiful form of thermal insulation for your building, providing reduced energy costs and a cosmetic “face lift” in one go. Ceramic exteriors also provide UV, vapor and moisture barriers to protect the building from the elements for many years to come.

Cool roofs – An elastomeric or fluid-applied “cool roof” can make a huge difference, especially if your facility’s roof is currently covered with heat-absorbing asphalt. These white or tan roofing materials are specially designed to reflect the sun’s rays, making your building far easier and cheaper to cool.

Upgraded HVAC systems – Energy efficiency in HVAC components has risen dramatically in the last 20 years, and these days most rooftop units boast an energy efficiency rating of 10.4 or above, according to ENERGY STAR. Your ductwork, curb adaptors and other parts of the system may also benefit from repairs or upgrades.

LED lighting – Making the switchover to LED lighting fixtures can give your facility’s energy efficiency a welcome boost — day or night, hot weather or cold. These arrays of tiny bulbs use a fraction of the energy required to keep a fluorescent or incandescent bulb going, and they’re available for lamps, overhead lights, signage and other applications.

Have a cool and budget-friendly summer!