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The Future of Commercial Building Maintenance

The Future of Commercial Building Maintenance - Impec Group

Building maintenance may not sound glamorous, but it’s a critical aspect of facilities management. And as modern techniques and technologies allow for increasingly complex structures, maintenance techniques need to keep up. Here are some of the things IMPEC sees as important steps forward for the future of maintenance.

For starters, we see facility managers giving up on traditional “reactive” maintenance as far too costly and inefficient. Waiting for something to break down before you fix it can cause disastrous operational delays, inhospitable working conditions and a great deal of money lost. An increasing number of facilities have adopted preventative maintenance as a smarter way of doing business, not least because it costs less to fix a small problem now than allow that small problem to destroy an entire system later.

One strategy we’ve mentioned before, but that bears mentioning again, is the even newer trend toward predictive maintenance as opposed to preventative maintenance. The traditional practice of implementing the same old maintenance routine at set increments, regardless of the operational lifespan of all the individual components involved, wastes considerable time and effort. The predictive model uses sophisticated software to tell you when individual components need work based on the previous failure histories. IMPEC Group already uses this technology to help many of its clients.

Maintenance will require an increasingly high level of technical expertise as facilities automate more and more of their functions. Companies will rely more on “Technical Maintenance Teams” made up highly skilled experts in electrical, electronic and IT specialties. Maintenance professionals of this calibre can be difficult to find and even more difficult to train; fortunately, we have the ability to provide already-trained staff to perform even the trickiest maintenance tasks, such as those involving clean room technology. IMPEC Group is ready for the future of maintenance — are you?