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What Facility Managers Should Know About Water Management

Water usage is an issue every facility manager needs to take under consideration. Whether you run a restaurant in San Francisco, a hospital in San Jose, a biotech firm in the Bay Area or practically any other kind of commercial property, you’ll find that efficient water management plays a role in efficient facilities management.

Of course, different types of facilities employ water in different ways and to varying degrees. For instance, anyone in the hospitality industry is aware that restaurants, hotels and other public facilities run vast amounts of water through their washing machines, sinks, toilets and other appliances. Water usage also turns up as a factor in biotech facilities management, because hot water is essential for sterilizing the equipment and tools used in this line of work. Other types of laboratory and medical equipment may also rely on water for cooling or sterilization. It’s literally a case of “water, water everywhere”– which mans that even tiny usage inefficiencies can put a major leak in your facility’s operating budget.

Efficient water management includes leak prevention through regular maintenance and repair, upgrading of fixtures to more efficient new models, and (where possible) the recycling of water to help business get the most for their utility dollar. Today’s Facility Manager notes that simply upgrading the pre-rinse spray valve on a dishwasher with an EPA-certified WaterSense valve can help a kitchen save 7,000 gallons per year in wasted water. Upgrading a laboratory’s team sterilizer can help reduce that component’s water consumption by up to 90 percent. But no matter what kind of business you have, smart water management and facilities maintenance services can make a major difference in your operating efficiency — and the experts at IMPEC Group can help you make it happen.