San Francisco, CA, USA

Our partnership with this San Francisco based public utility company involved planning the relocation of two buildings: the Public Utility Warehouse and Yard move and office building move. We worked closely with the warehouse fixture vendor as well as the moving company and drayage company to relocate large items and the yard and many parts within the two warehouses. This project began with meetings between key business units such as Metering, Street Lighting, High Voltage, and Engineering. During these meetings, we assessed materials and equipment inventory for relocation and existing Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) for reuse.

Project Details

Project Type

Interior Renovation/Tenant Improvement


Renewable Energy/Solar

Square Footage

150,000 Sq. Ft.

Construction Status



Office Relocation:
  • Coordinated the beam spacing for each bay of racking with the Materials Handling Vendor, Line of Businesses, General Contractor, and Architect along with preparing the elevation drawings, floorplan, and numbering scheme.
  • Coordinated with the Striping Subcontractor, Line of Businesses, General Contractor, and Architect to confirm street pole laydown areas in conjunction with utility vehicle parking.
  • Coordinated with the Business Lines, General Contractor, Utility Company IT, and Architect for development of Office Trailer, Locker Room, and Bull Room layouts, including power/data locations and ancillary equipment placement.
  • Coordinated and communicated with the Developer, Architect, SFPUC, Line of Businesses, Utility Company IT, and the Port Authority and General Contractor regarding the schedule and implementation plan
  • Created a detailed move sequencing plan for the warehouse/yard relocation to accommodate challenging logistics for the move vendors, the drayage, and moving company, both working simultaneously at origin and destination.
Warehouse and Yard Relocation:
  • Coordinated new furniture specifications, finishes, and layout. with the developer, furniture dealer, and business lines
  • Coordinated the deployment of existing Audiovisual (A/V) equipment with the general contractor and architect r at Bull Room and Conference Room locations
  • Coordinated data cabling installation to all systems furniture, imaging devices, and AV equipment locations with Utility Company‚Äôs IT, Low Voltage Subcontractor and General Contractor


Employees of the public utility company are now working out of two very unique buildings that have been custom built to their requirements. The final site includes an office trailer, warehouse, yard and large utility truck parking under one roof.

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