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  • We help clients make smart and strategic decisions about optimizing organizational and financial plans.

  • We highlight engagement of all stakeholders from management to line employees.

  • When called for, we work with our strategic partners who are deeply knowledgeable in real estate, architectural design, sensor technology, workplace technology solutions, space utilization studies and workplace trends.

Our own team members and major alliance partners, PLASTARC and Optimaze, have performed  such work for Coca Cola HQ Japan, AAA, Facebook, Union Bank, San Jose Unified District, Bio-Marin, Genentech|Roche, and many more.

Optimaze’s ActiveLook Program offers fast and full service, affordable ways to measure space utilization and understand your team’s activities and its Snapshot Program creates baseline planning scenarios based on your teams’ work preferences and actual space utilization.

Plastarc specializes in integrated workplace strategy and help clients leverage their real estate for optimal organizational performance. The most powerful and beneficial approach to workplace strategy usually arises from a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures, and PLASTARC works closely with the Financial team at IMPEC to assure that corporate accounting and tax goals are considered and achieved.  Plastarc addresses the needs of clients who find themselves at the intersection of critical opportunities to leverage space for enhanced organizational performance and culture. Plastarc is dedicated to increasing the flexibility and desirability of space through social research and occupant engagement. This is accomplished in a practice which is deeply knowledgeable about real estate, architectural design, technology and the environment while remaining independent and unbiased in delivery.

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