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Does your workplace work for you? It should.

Your workplace should do more for your company than house your employees. Discover the right technologies and tools to upgrade and streamline your workplace with Impec. Our Workplace Technology experts offer a holistic, solution-agnostic approach to help you replace existing technologies, supplement current tools, or implement point solutions.

We'll help your workplace:

  • Make or Save Money

  • Improve Employee Experience

  • Automate (lighten the load of the workplace team, make the process seamless and cute)

  • Provide Data to make strategic decisions

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What We Offer

With expertise in over 50 different workplace tools, Impec is your one-stop-shop for CAD/CAFM technology in the workplace. We offer a holistic approach across many different technology areas, including:

  • Real estate and facility management

  • Space management and drawings

  • Wayfinding

  • Asset tracking

  • Move and project management

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Integrated Workplace Management System(IWMS)

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Point Solutions

Available Modules

Building Operations

Preventative Maintenance On Demand

Workplace Space Management

Space Densification and Utilization

Asset and Inventory Management

Inventory Tracking Software

Work Order Management

Work Order Software

Lease Management

Lease Tracking Software

Room Reservation Software

Reserve and Monitor Rooms

Custom solutions that fit your needs

From start to finish, we’ll discuss your needs, guide you through our technology offerings, and determine the right solution for you. We’re one of the only technology-agnostic teams operating today. What does this mean? That our focus is 100% on you, our clients, and not on selling a particular technology or package. Our goal is to help you find the best solutions that fit both your needs and budget. We value integrity above all, treating your dollars like they’re ours.

​When you pick Impec, you pick a partner.

The 6’ Ring of Reality helps mitigate the loss of workspace while encouraging social distancing.

Explore your workplace before it’s built with 3D interactive tools.


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