I am excited to unveil this resource, as the first freely available listing of technology accessible to anyone who wants it. In this phase, we focused specifically on three areas:

  1. Corporate Real Estate Technology – which CoreNet defines as the tools that help to manage a Corporate portfolio lifecycle – Transaction Management, Lease Administration, Facility Management, Space and Occupancy Management, Capital Project Management and Sustainability.
  2. Workplace Technology – this is less defined (or mature) than CRE Tech – I have factored in those systems support the design of space and enable the Occupier to interact with the Workplace where CRE has a role – this includes Workplace Experience, Room Booking and Work Orders – this will grow over time no doubt.
  3. Portfolio Strategy – this is one of the most underserved areas in the industry, and is often only provided as part of a larger service

We did not cover Commercial Real Estate ( I would refer you to www.CREtech.com) or PropTech at large (www.unissu.com leads that space). We touched lightly on FM tech but not building tech – that is coming through IFMA.

The biggest absence is Workplace Analytics, which is coming soon, and will be more of a practical guide. This was the result of realizing how complex a market that is and our belief that people will need and appreciate some guidance as they embark on that journey!!

Some caveats to consider:

  • This is a living document that we will add to as we go – if your product, or one you like, is not on here, please let me know
  • It will be limited to commercially available products
  • We excluded enabling technologies
  • We want to make this more global so please recommend products that you are aware of outside of traditional markets
  • We may have missed whole categories – there is method to our madness, but if there is something you consider should be represented, please let me know. We are eating an elephant here so your insights are welcome

If I can help anyone in navigating this market, it is what I am passionate about doing, so please reach out at sdavis@impecgroup.com!

You can check out our first version of the Workplace Technology Ecosystem below. This PDF may be freely downloaded but may not be reproduced in print or any other media without approval from Impec Group.

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