It is becoming increasingly important for corporations to evolve their workspaces as market demands are driving changes to in-office, hybrid, and remote working. A stronger focus on change management, culture development and employee engagement make it more important than ever to adapt work environments and find new ways to communicate their core beliefs and reinforce company culture within the work environments.

GNU Group is focused on expressing the unique identity of corporate brands, while keeping the designs functional to the needs of the space. These branding messages, internal or externally focused, are being incorporated as elements of the architecture, interiors, and other workplace enhancements. GNU excels at working with organizations to fully integrate brand visuals and messaging into their workplaces, for single offices, a corporate campus or as comprehensive environmental branding standards that extend to a corporation’s global facilities.

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GNU Group—a division of Impec Group—is the leader in human-centered experiential graphic design. GNU Group has a 40-year plus history of impacting people’s workplace experiences—founded in our practice of design and creativity. Our success has been a product of award-winning, inventive, and innovative design. Design that solves problems. Design that shapes experiences. Design that is appropriate to situation and context. Design and language that works.

Our innovative approach to planning, design, and turnkey implementation is built on a foundation of honest, transparent communication and guided by a pain-free program management experience.

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