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Opportunity is not about 'luck' ... it's about the movement ... that puts you in the right place at the right time.

Our customer success strategies hinge on empowered people. Our human touch, brings success to our internal stakeholders and our clients.

Customer Centric

We care for the success of our clients.

Work-Life Business

We enjoy work-life harmony.

Performance Driven

We reward outstanding performance.

Human Touch

We nurture the employee experience.

Proactive Development

We engage, innovate, and collaborate.

Your Employee Benefits

Eligibility requirements apply.

Paid Time Off

Holidays, vacations, sick leave, bereavement leave

Health Benefits

Medical, dental and vision insurance


IRA with employer matching

Life Insurance

Group term life insurance

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement

Impec Group is committed to creating and maintaining a workplace in which all employees have an opportunity to participate and contribute to the success of the business and are valued for their skills, experience, and unique perspectives.

This commitment is embodied in company policies and the way we do business at Impec Group and is an important principle of sound business management.

Further, our efforts reduce injury and attrition rates within our work forces. Impec Group’s work forces are the most valuable assets. The organization continuously seeks to improve our systems to support and develop our team members. Impec Group recognizes the DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion) programs as a continual process. Our efforts are streamlined into six distinct efforts.

Six Steps of our DEI Program

1) We seek to educate our leaders with a top down approach
Our senior leadership champions mindful approaches to inclusive behavior.
2) We celebrate team differences
We create permanent spaces to encourage team members to bring their full, authentic selves to work.
3) We listen to our employees
As a national organization, we understand distance challenges organizational dynamics and cultural inclusivity.
4) We seek out more effective meeting and communication techniques
We believe our team member's daily experiences with colleagues are the most revealing instruments within workplace inclusivity.
5) We communicate smart goals we publish progress.
Our continuous investment in culture requires strategic focus and improvements in one area at a time.
6) We plan to launch a council of team members who are committed to inclusion.
Impec Group will empower this council to establish goals around hiring, retention, and advancing a diverse workforce.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Impec Group’s commitment to sustainability is defined as a dedicated approach to the proper, defined use and appropriate reuse of tangible and intangible resources. In the simplest terms, our practices exceed the regulations established by manufacturers and federal, state, local, and union organizations. We reuse resources whenever safely possible. Proper disposal of used materials is a critical steps in environmental and safety measures for Impec Group. Focusing our efforts on sustainability reduces the volume of waste materials destined for the landfills.

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