Sensors 101 Guide

Need guidance on the utilization sensor options that are available? Unsure where to start?

Provide your info and you will gain instant access to our sensor report from subject matter experts and industry veterans that will include:

Our Approach:

  • Identified 23 market products
  • Conducted Initial Review of publicly available materials
  • Held 30-minute Q&A for each vendor
  • Created the report
  • Allowed vendors to review and comment

Instructions on How to Use

Each vendor is listed in alphabetic order – we provide:

  • URL
  • Summary of Vendor
  • High Level Details (Type, Coverage, Power, Connectivity, API’s)
  • Supported Use Cases
  • Cost Basis
  • Install Complexity
  • Data and API details
  • Accuracy and Sensing Capabilities
  • Notes and Conclusions

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