Welcome to Tech Ecosystem 3.0!


Time has flown since May, when we released the 2.0 Tech Ecosystem. The technology environment has changed considerably in that time, so much so that we added four new categories – Hybrid Enablement and Immersion/Collaboration under the new Hybrid Technology bucket and Visitor Management and Document Management in the Workplace bucket.

The market is getting more complicated, and we are here to help navigate it. The Digital Office is going to be a key driver for all organizations – what that (and indeed what Hybrid) means is still evolving and will continue to through the next 12 to 18 months as we continue to respond to the pandemic and experiment as to what employees want from their future of work.

We added products across the board but also know we will have missed some, so please let us know what we should add.

As ever, we are happy to discuss our perspectives on the market, so please feel free to reach out to me at hmassey@impecgroup.com.

Some caveats to consider:

  • This is a living document that we will add to as we go – if your product, or one you like, is not on here, please let me know
  • It will be limited to commercially available products
  • We excluded enabling technologies

You can check out our third version of the Workplace Technology Ecosystem below.

This PDF may be freely downloaded but may not be reproduced in print or any other media without approval from Impec Group.

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