We brought The Impec Group, Program Management Division on board late 2021 to partner with us on a large-scale project. We needed to prepare to have 1,000+ staff come into the office to pack up/purge/shred/trash, etc. as we were slowly beginning to prepare for employees return to work. It was definitely a daunting task, and we weren’t sure where to begin. Add to the fact that this was during COVID and social distancing, it was a huge undertaking.

The Impec Group team was amazing. We met every week, fine tuning the plan for over 6 months. We developed the schedule for folks to come in, we created a PowerPoint presentation for our “move ambassadors”, we walked spaces to discuss how our other support vendors would assist with things like moving boxes, trash, shred, recycle and movers to help folks to their car with any personal items and finally, haul away.

Their team managed every step with us as we planned every scenario beforehand so that would know what to expect. When the time came to communicate to the employees regarding scheduling, They took that on 100% and fielded questions. I cannot recommend Impec Group highly enough for any projects you might have. Every single one of their staff was courteous and helpful and I would not hesitate to use them again. Customer service is my goal 100% of the time and Impec Group mirrored that. After the project was complete, we received so many compliments from our employees and I knew it wouldn’t have happened without the great team we had.

April R. – Major Healthcare Facilities Operations Manager