A small biotechnology startup was preparing for the next phase of their growth and needed to consolidate facilities across different locations to a new corporate headquarters. Impec Group was brought in to manage the complexities involved in concentrating multiple locations into a floor and a half at one destination, while ensuring the moving company was experienced in handling cold storage containers and hazardous chemicals in a compliant manner.

Since this organization was operating with a lean staff, our project managers realized they would need to quickly augment the team and provide the bandwidth needed to meet critical deadlines. By gaining a thorough understanding of the inner workings of the department and interpersonal dynamics of the staff involved, Impec Group was able to blend seamlessly with internal teams to collaborate in the management of tracking hundreds of line items on their project schedule, keeping the critical project timeline on track.


Impec Group introduced a strategy of assigning in-house “lab ambassadors” as subject matter experts to provide oversight to some of the more technical constraints of moving chemicals. Due to the complex nature of the move, it was broken into multiple phases with separate schedules created for each. Additional project managers were brought in on a proactive basis to supplement as needed to effectively meet the challenges that emerged as the project progressed.

Impec Group listened when the facilities manager relayed an unsatisfactory prior moving experience in which tasks were assigned to internal team members to execute, rather than as a shared responsibility. We understood this client was looking for a partner to come in and work right alongside the team rather than simply delegating tasks. Impec Group rolled up their sleeves and got involved at a granular level in many functions, aiding the team in the timely completion of numerous milestones.


Ultimately, as a result of working closely together throughout the planning process and side-by-side with facilities and lab managers on the days of the move, we were able to ensure that all the lab equipment was placed according to specification, including all last minute changes. All equipment and employees were moved successfully on time and on schedule. Vendors were set up on schedule, allowing equipment to be brought online immediately.

Impec Group also worked closely with the client to develop change management communications, including bulletins and a comprehensive welcome packet for employees, detailing such information as the company’s vision for the new environment and reason for the move, FAQ section, a map of the surrounding area, information about commuting and even including instructions where to charge electric vehicles.

Throughout the move process, from planning to completion, the client expressed deep gratitude for how Impec Group’s expertise and guidance along each step of the relocation process ultimately saved their team’s sanity, allowing them to remain focused on their work. The additional on-the-ground management support provided by the Impec Group helped circumvent the need to hire temporary staffing.

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