Interwest Insurance Services was located in an older building where they had operated their business for over 20 years. As a traditional Insurance business, the facility was built out with numerous enclosed offices, which created many dark spaces and created an atmosphere of individuals working independently of each other instead of collaborating and working in teams. Moving to a new building, Interwest Insurance Services decided they wanted an office space with large open areas, with light and the ability to communicate freely among staff.


Interwest Insurance Services selected a rectangular-shaped building with extensive windows and pleasant views. We created an open floor plan with portions of the floor built out with low workstations all the way to the window line allowing for light to flow throughout the space. By keeping the cube height at seated privacy and adding sit-stand desks, employees are able to talk with co-workers as needed. Offices were reduced and kept to portions of the floor, so the offices did not dominate the space. Glass was added to the offices to allow light to flow where offices were located. An interconnecting stair was added between the floors to connect employees and join the two floors together.


Interwest Insurance Services was able to create and build an open office space with privacy where needed and collaboration spaces for staff. The interconnecting stair provides a convenient path of travel to keep employees connected and flowing between work spaces. The light colors and fresh approach gave Interwest Insurance Services the fresh start they were hoping for in this new office location.

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