Name:  Lifesciences company
Location:  Silicon Valley
Project type:  Laboratory Decommission
Project Length: 2 months


An agricultural research company dedicated to innovating sustainable solutions to crop growth and soil nutrition had relocated to a new location in another state and sought help from Impec Group to decommission their lab facility. The process would involve planning the decontamination of multiple labs, disassembling equipment and grow rooms, and finding buyers for general and specialized used industrial equipment.

Impec Group’s project manager arranged a meeting with the landlord of the site to inspect the property and determine what actions would be necessary to ensure that it was left in a suitable condition for the next tenant. Experts needed to be lined up to oversee the dismantling and removal of systems including water purification, boilers, lab alarm monitoring, and UPS.


One of the primary obstacles in selling highly specialized equipment is the limited availability of interested buyers, which can make it difficult to earn fair market value. Our project manager was resourceful in finding customers for a wide variety of equipment and materials, ranging from large boilers to non-functioning forklifts. Generating interest from multiple buyers led to bidding wars in some cases, resulting in substantial revenue gained from the sale of equipment that might have otherwise been scrapped. Impec Group was also able to re-purpose some of the materials for other tenants of the property and recycle eligible materials where appropriate.

Our project manager’s resourcefulness extended beyond equipment sales. When a large fume hood proved too difficult to be removed from the premises without incurring considerable damage or demolition to the facility, she collaborated with the moving contractor to disassemble the hood piece by piece, diligently documenting the process with photos so the unit could be reconstructed accurately. And when a buyer for several pieces of equipment failed to show up on the agreed-upon pick-up day, Jen was able to work with a mover she was acquainted with to come and remove the inventory the same day rather than wait for the buyer’s team to redeploy their movers at a later date.


Since all but one of the company’s personnel had moved out of state, our project manager was only able to work on-site with one remaining scientist. Nevertheless, the client had confidence in Impec Group’s ability to work remotely in coordinating the decommissioning of the site, auctioning equipment, and shipping of chemical and biological matter with limited oversight.  Despite the challenge of limited time, we were able to successfully achieve all relocation objectives within a few weeks and within budget.

Not only were the client’s expectations exceeded, but one of the managers working with the other building tenant was so impressed with our project manager’s skills, she later enlisted her services for their own company’s relocation project.

Warm acclaim from the client’s director of marketing:

“I cannot thank you enough for giving us the gift of Jen Haas. In a time of great need, Jen swooped in like an angel to help us get our facility closed. She was our eyes, ears, brains, and boots on the ground.

If I could have described the type of person I needed for this role, it would have been Jen in every way. Her get-it-done attitude, attention to detail, and level of professionalism is second to none. Not only was she able to roll up her sleeves to get her hands dirty, she was also to help us navigate more complex business needs. For me, one of her most important skill sets is her ability to keep our projects moving forward no matter my availability or lack thereof while keeping me connected every step of the way.

What we asked of Jen was not easy, and she got it done efficiently, and in an incredibly short amount of time. Simply put, Jen is extraordinary and she’s a load of fun too!!!”

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