Lam Research needed configuration support for their current space management software. Working with the client, Impec Group realized that with Lam Research’s tremendous success and anticipated growth, their current system would not be able to support their growing needs. Impec worked closely with the client’s Facilities and Information Technology teams to support their growing needs as they flourish in their industry.


Lam Research had an existing Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) license for their facilities data needs. They requested support of the system’s configuration, data management, and reporting functions as well as Computer Aided Design (CAD) management. Once it became evident that the system could not handle the company’s dramatic growth, Lam Research assessed its functional needs, and current offerings in the marketplace, and ultimately chose IBM TRIRIGA. The IBM solution was chosen specifically for its rich functionality, greater flexibility, and scalability to support Lam’s growing facilities data and management requirements. The client recognized that while the new solution was rich in function, their facilities division lacked product expertise and system administrator abilities, resulting in diminished user experiences.

Impec Group identified the most challenging aspects of their implementation and developed a TRIRIGA management program, recruiting the most talented subject matter experts in the industry to guide the adoption and support of the new IWMS. The program included authoring software training and documentation on import and update data functions, create, view and share dashboards, and reporting and administrative support functions within the new IWMS. The project resulted in better use of TRIRIGA to support their facilities management.


Impec assembled an internal team of TRIRIGA experts who developed training programs for Lam Research, tailoring programs to their specific business processes. These foundational training programs were customized for the client and have since been used as frameworks for other clients in several industries.

The project was initially quite challenging as there was little knowledge of the chosen solution within Lam. In addition, their specific implementation was highly customized. Impec Group’s TRIRIGA product experts brought to the project deep bench industry knowledge and an understanding of business practices as well as core capabilities in the selected IWMS solution. Impec leaders in Operations and Maintenance followed by Space Management were brought in to navigate continued implementation efforts.

During the process, the Impec team developed training materials and coursework to create a Train the Trainers (T3) model that educated employees within the Lam facilities department. This team became knowledgeable on space management, operations and maintenance, and user success management.

In addition to TRIRIGA support, Impec provided CAD support and guided Lam employees on CAD drafting techniques and best practices in data quality so they could grow their CAD program internally and create and maintain accurate, current, floor plans.


Success was threefold. Impec and Lam worked together to identify industry best practices that were applicable to the project, developed business best practices for leadership ROI, and collectively defined long-term technical support needs that the Impec Group fulfills today. The TRIRIGA software support and training programs far exceeded Lam’s expectations and fostered long-term synergy between the two firms for ongoing training and support.

Due to the success of the program that was created for Lam, they experienced substantial growth and will be implementing additional software modules to manage reservations as well as automate inventory and asset management; mass adoption of TRIRIGA has followed the initial work done by the Impec team. Ongoing support includes the implementation of additional software modules, training Lam employees to be self-sufficient through sound use of the system, and a better user experience through the UX and specialized dashboards. The project was so successful that Lam requested Impec to embed a customer success manager to handle system management insights for further adoption of programs as they grow and respond to expanding needs.

Impec continues to support these growth initiatives. As of 2023, Impec has five team members dedicated to the Lam Research account, successfully meeting their ongoing support needs.

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