Ross Dress for Less Stores needed system software support at their corporate headquarters, located in Dublin, California. Impec was able to address their initial concerns, while also identifying further areas of improvement across their retail store network that was running out of space.


Ross Stores requested assistance managing their MRI CenterStone space management program. Impec resolved their software concerns by assessing their system and support needs, identifying areas of improvement, and offering to manage multiple aspects of the space management system.

After solving their initial problems, Ross retail stores needed help figuring out why they were hiring employees at a rate that did not fit with their current space needs. Taking data from CenterStone and pushing it to Microsoft Power BI allowed leadership to see relationships between staffing and space, and to better configure the demands for retail space.


Impec assembled an internal team of TRIRIGA experts who developed training programs for Lam Research, tailoring programs to their specific business processes. These foundational training programs were customized for the client and have since been used as frameworks for other clients in several industries.

The project was initially quite challenging as there was little knowledge of the chosen solution within Lam. In addition, their specific implementation was highly customized. Impec Group’s TRIRIGA product experts brought to the project deep bench industry knowledge and an understanding of business practices as well as core capabilities in the selected IWMS solution. Impec leaders in Operations and Maintenance followed by Space Management were brought in to navigate continued implementation efforts.

During the process, the Impec team developed training materials and coursework to create a Train the Trainers (T3) model that educated employees within the Lam facilities department. This team became knowledgeable on space management, operations and maintenance, and user success management.

In addition to TRIRIGA support, Impec provided CAD support and guided Lam employees on CAD drafting techniques and best practices in data quality so they could grow their CAD program internally and create and maintain accurate, current, floor plans.


Today, Impec has a long-standing relationship with Ross and for the last five years, has managed their CAD (Computer Aided Design) data quality / data management and space management programs, has led data and import system readiness reviews, managed user and HR changes, automated user reporting, and designed executive reporting that delivers insights to leadership on space use and potential areas of improvement.

Impec also solved the retail space problem by using the system to identify problematic locations and in the process uncovered spatial data that did not accurately portray actual floor plates. Once data quality was addressed and floor plans updated with precise measurements, Ross realized they were running out of retail space and were not properly forecasting space needs.

Impec and Ross Stores worked together to develop dashboards and reports showing how much space they needed to display their retail wares and promote quicker sales turnaround. With higher floor plan accuracy, the system could also be used for strategic forecasting, creating three-to-five-year projections for national space needs.

Impec and Ross continue to have a successful working relationship and regularly report areas of improvement to leadership for continued business growth.

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