Mills College, located in Oakland, California, was in need of custodial services for its student dorms over summer break to prepare for new and returning students in the fall. The pandemic was burgeoning and extra sanitary precautions were necessary. Impec’s stellar services helped reduce the spread of the virus as well as welcome students to a squeaky-clean space.


During the summer months, Impec Group assists with cleaning the student dorms at Mills College. At the beginning of the summer, we clean the dorms as students move out and summer school students move in. When those students leave at the end of the summer, we then help clean the dorms to prepare for the new fall semester. On average, our Operations & Maintenance team has cleaned around 700 rooms in approximately two weeks.

The pandemic was in full swing in the summer of 2022 and infection control services were desperately needed. We conducted a thorough disinfection of the student dorms utilizing spray bottles and electrostatic sprayers as well as EPA-registered disinfectants. All of this work was completed to ensure the students would have a safe place to return to once the college re-opened.


Impec Group’s disinfection process is a two-pronged approach utilizing both touchpoint manual method (spray bottles) and a touchless method utilizing electrostatic sprayers. The addition of the touchless disinfection and sanitizing system offers many benefits in comparison to a stand-alone touchpoint manual method utilizing only a team equipped with spray bottles and rags.

By also incorporating touchless electrostatic spraying you accomplish the following:

  • Maximize efficiency with the ability to disinfect or sanitize up to 4x greater surface area than traditional cleaning programs in no additional time.
  • Reduce infection rates through more proactive and comprehensive disinfection procedures.
  • Touchless disinfection or sanitization of full rooms in under 3 minutes.

Utilizing both the touchpoint manual method and touchless electrostatic spraying ensures maximum surface coverage and infection control.

Early in the pandemic, due to global supply constraints, it was difficult to procure proper products, PPE, etc. Engaging with our vendor partners early and planning ahead allowed us to overcome these challenges and we were able to provide both our employees and clients with the proper supplies.


Impec Group, partnering with our valued client—Mills College, did everything possible from an infection control standpoint on the custodial side to maintaining a clean, sanitized, and safe environment for the Mills College community. The goal of these services is to reduce the spread of the virus and improve the overall health and safety of the environment.

Conducting an infection control cleaning for COVID-19 can have additional benefits beyond just reducing the spread of the virus. These benefits include:

  • Improving overall cleanliness and sanitation of the space.
  • Removing allergens and pollutants that can aggravate respiratory conditions.
  • Helping to prevent the spread of other illnesses, such as the flu or the common cold.
  • Improving the overall appearance of the space, making it more inviting and pleasant for employees and customers.

However, it’s important to note that while an infection control cleaning can help address these issues, it may not completely solve them. Ongoing maintenance and cleaning protocols will be necessary to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Additionally, it’s important to note that infection control cleaning alone is not enough to protect all from COVID-19, so it should be done in conjunction with other preventive measures such as: social distancing, mask-wearing, and frequent hand hygiene.

Conducting an infection control cleaning for COVID-19 can have a positive return on investment for businesses, organizations, and individuals.

The benefits of these cleaning include:

  • Reducing the spread of the virus, which can lead to fewer employees or customers getting sick and needing to take time off work or seek medical attention.
  • Improving the overall health and safety of the environment, which can lead to increased productivity, improved employee morale, and a better customer experience.
  • Enhancing the reputation of the business, organization, or individual as a responsible and proactive member of the community.
  • Helping to prevent closures and penalties due to non-compliance with COVID-19 regulations and guidelines.

Overall, the return on investment for an infection control cleaning for COVID-19 was significant, in terms of both financial savings and improved overall well-being. At Impec, we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations, and we’re happy to report both of our expectations were more than met.

The client was very grateful for all our efforts and shared:

“Wow, you have covered every building and they all just shine! It’s a great way to start the new year. Thank you for doing such a thorough job which extends the life of our buildings and their finishes.”

– Senior Director of Facilities, Compliance, and Sustainability

“The cleanings are really transformative! Thank you for this wonderful work.”

– Administrative Assistant, Campus Facilities

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