MaxLinear in San Jose, California came to Impec Group concerned that their recently replaced carpet was showing premature signs of wear. We implemented our carpet maintenance program and not only were they happy that the appearance of the carpet improved, but the air quality did as well. MaxLiner then requested further services from Impec to address their hard surface floorcare needs.


The carpet at MaxLinear was not being properly cared for, therefore, it started showing wear early in its life cycle. Impec was able to solve this problem by utilizing the Smart Care TWIN systems which allows for a versatile low moisture encapsulation system that is consistent with IICRC protocols—the gold standard in textile maintenance and restoration.
Part of our custom maintenance plan included zoning areas in the facility based on foot traffic patterns (I.E. very high, high, moderate, and low) and assigned service frequencies as needed.


The following considerations factored into our program:

  • Manufacturer specifications
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Current condition
  • Wear patterns and foot traffic
  • Future occupancy plans
  • Lease or owned

We used the following strategies:

  • Performed a soil test/demonstration so we understand the current condition of the carpet.
  • Agreed on a pro-active maintenance schedule based on strategically zoned floorplans that are color-coded to identify the various levels of foot traffic and frequency of service needed.
  • Delivered best-in-class carpet maintenance services utilizing a low-moisture process and equipment that is consistent with IICRC best practices.
  • Scheduled routine quality assurance site walks.

Impec’s approach is superior because most competitors use a bonnet cleaning method which is not sustainable for carpet fibers and voids manufacture warranties. With any project, challenges are bound to arise. One challenge we faced was initial resistance to change from some of the decision-makers who wanted to separate this type of service out from the regular custodial crew. We overcame this by educating all decision-makers on best practices in the industry, and the benefits of implementing such a program which includes cost savings and extending the asset life cycle.


Due to these changes, MaxLinear saved money, improved the appearance of their carpet and indoor air quality, and extended the life of their carpet. They expressed being very pleased with the program and having their expectations exceeded.

As a result of our exceptional carpet service, we also took over their hard surface floor care needs, and implemented a proactive maintenance plan that is consistent with IICRC best practices.

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