Impec Group Acquires Relocation Connections Inc.

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Effective July 1, 2018, Impec Group   acquired Relocation Connections, Inc. (Reloconnect), absorbing the principal, Gina Caruso and all of its project management employees to strengthen Impec Group’s capability to respond to the growing needs of Silicon Valley companies in projects, moves and construction management. Gina will now be serving as the Senior Vice President of Project Management.

Established in 1989, Reloconnect, under the stewardship of Gina has grown the company into a leading full-service project management consulting firm in the Bay Area with services ranging from construction management to post-move asset disposal, and space management. Ms. Caruso has received several East Bay Business Times awards including Fastest Growing Private Companies and Women in Leadership. Ms. Caruso has a degree in Psychology and Education from Loyola-Marymount University.

​With this acquisition, Impec Group can claim that it has a firm base in project, construction, move and construction management. Impec Group’s expanded project management teams allows them to organize, coordinate and manage more projects, from simple to more complex multi-phased moves while at the same time handle those projects more efficiently despite having multiple layers of tasks. Client will surely benefit from this strong internal capability that can ensure  that every aspect and detail is handled effectively by skilled and professional project teams.

​Impec Group will keep Reloconnect’s  current location in San Ramon, California where it has been based for over 25 years.

This is IMPEC Group’s second acquisition in two years which is a part of a growth strategy to dominate CRE and FM services for the mid-tiered market. Facilities First was Impec Group’s first acquisition which was concluded in 2016.

​Impec Group offers a full range of facilities management (FM) services that include Strategic Planning, Workplace Strategy, Facility Staffing, Project, Move and Construction Management, Workplace Technology Solutions and Operations and Site Services. Bundling and integration of FM services have created significant value to end-users in terms of better performance and cost-savings.