Welcome to Tech Ecosystem 2.0!


We have made great progress in the last few weeks and added two brand new categories – Workplace Analytics and Utilization. We feel that these will be vital tools as companies migrate back to the office, and recognize it is an incredibly complicated market (that we can help to navigate). We are developing a more detailed guide to the top products in that space, so stay tuned for more!

We have also added several products in both IMWS and Workplace – thanks to those who helped with the collation – you know who you are!!

As ever, we are happy to discuss our perspectives on the market, so please feel free to reach out to me at sdavis@impecgroup.com.

Some caveats to consider:

  • This is a living document that we will add to as we go – if your product, or one you like, is not on here, please let me know
  • It will be limited to commercially available products
  • We excluded enabling technologies
  • We want to make this more global so please recommend products that you are aware of outside of traditional markets
  • We may have missed whole categories – there is method to our madness, but if there is something you consider should be represented, please let me know. We are eating an elephant here so your insights are welcome

You can check out our second version of the Workplace Technology Ecosystem below. This PDF may be freely downloaded but may not be reproduced in print or any other media without approval from Impec Group.

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